Wastezon’s careers move: unlocking the talents in climate space

Nov 28/22

In July  2022, Wastezon was selected as a winner for the Keeling Curve Prize, among 9 other climate projects with significant potential to make impactful changes. Each project or program was awarded $25,000 and a sponsored Fellowship program called the Constellation Fellowship was introduced by the GWMP (Global Warming Mitigation Project). 

Wastezon selected 3 fellows who would join the 12-14 week-long fellowship, and be awarded a $1,000 stipend upon completing their fellowship. The team welcomed Ukoh Ebere (Market Analysis Fellow), Paul Okewunmi ( Data Science Fellow), and Christian Bosso (Full-stack Engineering Fellow). 

For the past few weeks, selected departments of Wastezon have had lengthy discussions and collaborations with each fellow, and we continue to see the capabilities and value they bring.

Christian Bosso is a Ghanaian with interest in the circular economy and observing how wastes are considered during the design stages of systems. Since joining as our Full-stack Engineering Fellow, knowledge has been wisely imparted both ways, and experiences shared. 

Bosso has shown organizational and leadership capabilities by taking the lead in several small projects that encompass major ones such as leading the screening process of our Resourceful Fellows interview, and forming the engineering team for our upcoming project, Wastezon X. 

Some of our company values include growth, communication, and innovation; which Bosso embodies and says “ I really appreciate the fact that Wastezon family takes into account such values which have helped my perspective and pushed me to continue excelling at what I came here for and more.”

When it comes to innovation, we like to witness each team member find new ways to help themselves and the team operate; Bosso introduced a framework to ease project management, Scrum, generally used in software development, thus becoming a Scrum Master, also known as a facilitator. 

As we enter the third quarter of the year, we’ve been granted another fellowship support, and are currently in search of new fellows to fill these slots : 

  • Customer Support Fellow
  • Data Engineering Fellow
  • Business Development Fellow

The deadline is slated for December 2nd and selected fellows will begin January 2023. Interested applicants may apply here

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