Providing consumers, manufacturers and recyclers with efficient tech-empowered traceability services, helping them to generate waste-value addition benefits in an environmentally friendly way.


From trash to cash, Leveraging technology to create a waste-free world.

Meet The Team

Ghislain Irakoze

Founder and CEO

Jaqueline Mukarukundo

Co-founder and CMO

Enock Ndungu

Project Manager

Leon Cedric Igiraneza

Operations associate

Moise Dushime

Customer Success Associate

Ines Makuza

Communications Associate

Teddy Masenga

Material Science Associate

Henry Peter Ngoga

Graphic designer

Umutoniwase Sandrine

Administrative Assistant

Our story

A tragic incident triggered our rebirth;

After our best friend survived a garbage landslide accident, we embarked on the journey of creating a waste-free world. We believe every single material should get an identity, traced in the value chain and hold significance from a manufacturer to a consumer to a repairer and back to a manufacturer and so forth; forming a circular journey.

A simple hobby catalyzed the dream;

Before launching Wastezon, we initially started a “Recycle for Environment” campaign supported by Samsung Engineering-Korea. We leveraged our passion for art to inspire over 182 young people to explore artistic alternatives which saw over 20 tons of household plastics getting repurposed into useful products. The impact of this 3 months-long campaign opened our eyes to the need for limitless possibilities of consumer-powered circular economy solutions.

A single digital solution expanded the horizons;

We teamed up with our friends at Awesomity lab to launch our first digital app solution; Wastezon 1.0, which linked Rwandan household consumers with recyclers to transact e-waste. Over 1000 users trusted us and translated over 400 tons of e-waste. That’s blown our minds and yet it showed us that we are not even closer to the desired impact.

A globally oriented expansion strategy;

We can’t stop until we bring everyone in reverse supply chain & logistics. We conducted global market research which involved several manufacturers, consumers, and recyclers. The outcome led us to the expansion of our target user base; welcoming manufacturers and institutional consumers, in addition to household consumers and recyclers that we initially worked with. We are fired up for revamped ‘ Wastezon 2.0’ and the new ‘WastezonX’; our integrated ML-powered solution that provides materials traceability, and enables effective transaction and reverse logistics for everyone who is active in the reverse supply chain.


Young Champions

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