With a long journey in Environmental Conservation, We have declared a challenging and Yet Rewarding Mission, “ to close the loop by involving everyone in Circular Economy.”

Our story

Being the minds behind “Recycling For Environment” Campaign, The projects we implemented had been triggered by our passion for “green and sustainable World”. With 70 high school students enrolled in the campaign, we had challenged ourselves to create a great movement of young Eco fighters who were immersed in a week-long training in Musanze, Rwanda. Thanks to the support from Tunza Eco-Generation (Samsung Engeneering Initiative), we exposed those dedicated young students to principles of Recycling and practical skills of turning plastics into creative products. We are really proud of the impact this large network, continue to accomplish in their communities.

Founding Wastezon, We had an idea of using Technology to create a win-win solution which attracts everyone in waste management. If you’re an individual or households with solid recyclable wastes to drop, don’t hesitate to sell them on wastezon and earn perks from it. For both recycling and re-processing industries, it’s a wonderful experience to use a wastezon app to acquire your resources. By using integrated mobile technology, we connect all parties which want to transact solid wastes in a safe and environmental friendly Process. Our team is there for you to ensure that you get the best out of wastezon experience.

Meet The Team

Ghislain Irakoze


As an eco-warrior, Ghislain strongly disagrees with Elon Musk's idea of creating another world. He firmly believes that by sustaining the circular economy, we can save and protect our mother Earth. Ghislain overlooks management of wastezon.

Josee Igiraneza


With a strong background in Business IT, Josee’s childhood dreams were to use the power of IT to change the world, especially in Clean Tech. She is responsible for overall technological efficiency, software development, and information control at Wastezon.

Janvier Mbabazi


Janvier embodies the teamwork spirit. He aims to challenge the team and ensures that each task is effectively performed. He strategically manages the operations at Wastezon with the ability to delegate and to oversee risk assessment, case management review, and compliance plan initiation.

Yvon Ukwishaka

Environmental Consultant.

Environmental Conservation and Integrated Sciences are the fields which Yvon puts at the core heart of what he does. He ensures that wastezon’s operation abides and aligns with Environmental laws, and he takes the duty of filling our blog into useful environmental content.

Cedrick Igiraneza

Sales Agents Team lead.

“Customer is a King”, Cedric strongly understands the paramount of that phrase and struggles every day to maintain it in our sales agents team. He drives the team to efficiently maximize the sales.


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